Social Capital – the difference that makes the difference?

Social capital is a measure of the quality and quantity of relationships in a community.  The better these relationships, the greater the social capital, the easier it is for all sorts of resources to flow through the community to where they are most needed – knowledge and skills, under-used tools and even cash.  In communities with low social capital, often characterised by mistrust, greed and fear, people tend to hold what they have instead of making it available for others to use.

The deliberate development of social capital, connecting people, building trust, helping and being helped is perhaps the single most powerful, cost-effective and worthwhile thing that can be done to encourage economic, social and cultural development.  Simply put, social capital reduces the effort and cost of getting things done.  The more social capital, the better.

Elsie is an investment in social capital.

It provides a process and structure where people can come together and get the help flowing to where people can really use it to do good work.

If you would like to get involved and help the help to flow then here is how.

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