The Leeds Community Panel

At the heart of the Leeds Community Enterprise Accelerator (Elsie) is the community panel that we are building.  This will be a large group of more than 60 individuals who care about Leeds and the people who live here and love nothing more than to help them succeed in their projects.  These maybe projects starting or growing a business, running a campaign, festival or carnival, taking over a community building or just about anything else that you can imagine.  It is always a surprise to see some of the great projects that go on under the radar!

So Who is on the Panel?

At the moment we have about 30 panel members trained up, all of whom are excited about the possibility of helping others with their projects and being part of a network of like minded people.  Drawn from the public, private and third sectors from in and around Leeds they are a diverse bunch with tremendous networks, experience and knowledge.

Some understand business, others know about community, some specialise in specific disciplines while others know and understand their community and how it works.  It is an interesting mix!

More Members are Needed…

We have more work to do to further increase the diversity and competence of the Elsie Panel. Specifically we need more members drawn from faith based communities and different ethnic groups as well as other geographical districts of the city.  This is vital if we are to build a panel that really connects deep into the roots of the city.

But we also are looking for more specialist knowledge and skills to join the panel.  Specifically we are looking for:


Arts and culture professionals: administrators, curators, grant managers, collectors, artists – any genre – we have some already but could do with more!

Bankers and financiers – especially community development finance

Crafts people



Community development workers

Educators – secondary, further and higher education and Education Authority

Fundraisers, Grant/bid writers

Health professionals

High Tech – digital, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology etc

Human resource practitioners


Media relations, journalists, broadcasters



Property professionals – developers, agents, architects


Restaurateurs and catering professionals

Third Sector/Social Business

Trades People

Youth workers

And if you are not on the list don’t worry. If you live work or play in Leeds and want to help others then do get in touch.

What is Involved?

If you are interested then the first thing to do is get in touch.  You will then be invited to a 2 hour briefing session where you can find out more about Elsie, meet others who are interested, find out how it will work and whether or not it might be your cup of tea.

If you want to get involved then we will invite you to attend our monthly meetings where we will provide as much assistance as we can to 4 deserving projects.

You are under no obligation to stay involved and membership of Elsie is free. You will meet some great people and have the chance to help some great projects.  The only thing we ask is that you maintain confidentiality about the challenges facing the projects we help as sometimes these may involve commercially sensitive matters.



Got more questions?


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