So what do you think of the first suggestion for an Elsie logo?

Following my request on twitter for kindly designers to think about ideas for an Elsie logo I received this in last nights email from Richard J Eaton of Appware in Wetherby…

First Draft Elsie Logo from Appware

Richard says :

…we tried to keep it clean and simple and it hopefully satisfies the elements of your brief! For the banner we were thinking along the lines of the logo at the left with a silhouette of the Leeds skyline or a Leeds landmark filling the rest of the right hand space.

All feedback appreciated on what we’ve done so far?

So what do you think?

Personally I would like the banner to be about people and their relationships as much as place – Elsie is all about sharing who we are and what we know in pursuit of progress.

I know that others are also beavering away on their ideas for an Elsie logo and look forward to sharing more of these as they come in.

But in the meantime a big thank you to Richard and the team at Appware for getting the ball rolling.

And the second idea has rolled in –  more arty, more political, more controversial….

The Elsie Tanner LogoI love the iron fist, velvet glove metaphor.  Providing support with rational diplomacy and creativity but with a steely core….

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