What is Elsie?

Leeds Community Enterprise (Elsie for short) is an enterprise accelerator.  A source of wisdom, advice and practical support that can be used by anyone in Leeds who is undertaking any kind of enterprise.  It may be a business, a campaign, community group or any other project.  It is for anyone who is looking to make progress, but needs a bit of a boost.

Elsie is a group of trained volunteers drawn from all walks of Leeds life who meet for 2 hours every month to brainstorm advice, guidance and support for anyone in Leeds who is looking to advance a particular project, but needs help.  Elsie not only offers practical and technical advice, but will also act as point of contact into other Leeds support networks.

Elsie does not work directly with the people who are seeking support, but with their advocates, who may be a friend, relative, coach or advisor.  We train these advocates so that they can get the most out of their time with Elsie and get maximum benefit from the process.  By working with those who are already providing help and support in the community we are able to keep our costs down and our reach up.

Elsie meetings are fun, fast moving, practically focussed and above all helpful – and not just for the people who are seeking support.  Panel membership will open up some brilliant networks in the city.

Want to get involved?  Then drop me an email to or simply sign up for the next training session here to be held at West Yorkshire Playhouse on November 21st or the December 14th Training to take place at Leeds Trinity Horsforth

4 thoughts on “What is Elsie?

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  4. Hello-

    I tried using the contact form above but to no avail, it would not send to the email provided.

    If someone can let me know how to go about the training or otherwise how to be involved, I think Elsie could be a useful source of advice for my new venture working in schools.

    Thanks and best wishes,


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