A New Identity for Elsie…

Elsie - Local Enterprise Accelerator for Leeds




First of all massive thanks to Elsie member Richard Eaton who supplied the purple logo that we have used to date.  But today I am pleased to show a new slightly more considered logo that tries to say a bit more about who we are, what we do, how we do it and why!  It has been developed by a friend of Elsie who has asked to not be named.

Elsie is about PEOPLE and communication.

Many logos for community-based initiatives insist on using graphics of hands, or little stick people stood in a circle. This kind of approach has lost its meaning and looks terribly ‘corporate’.

So here we’ve put a human voice to Elsie, by using a hand-written signature. It suggests that Elsie is informal and friendly, and that anyone is welcome. We’ve also put a dotted line in there – partly to anchor the name to the strapline, but also to imply a certain level of commitment and seriousness – ‘Sign on the dotted line’.

If you’re serious about enterprise, then come and talk to Elsie.

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