The End of ELSIE?

As you may know recently we have been struggling to get the numbers of quality projects that we need to make ELSIE panels interesting and worthwhile.

Consequently numbers attending have been falling away.

There are a number of reasons for this, including a number of new ‘self help’ projects that involve eating pies, willing skills, views from valleys etc.

Also without a ‘coach’ we are unable to work with enough projects to ensure that they are ready to come to panel – so we have ended up doing some really basic business advice – which is not what the Elsie panel is for.

And, we have struggled to find the time and energy to do the administration that project needs to set up meetings with plenty of notice, communicate them well etc

So we find ourselves at a crossroads.

Do we push on to the next stage, which for me would involve recruiting a coach to work with people doing good stuff in Leeds free of charge, and bringing those that would really benefit to the panel when they are ready.

Or, do we knock ELSIE on the head knowing that over the last 3 years she has helped hundreds of people, both clients and panel members to feel better connected and t et the support that they need in what can feel like a lonely city – especially for those unable to pay for their advice and support networks.

Or perhaps there is another option? If so I would love to hear it?


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