Elsie membership is free.

Members attend a short training session to prepare them to participate fully and effectively in meetings.  Once trained they are able to attend the monthly meetings and start offering their help to local people.

Elsie members are a diverse bunch, who all have one thing in common: they want to make Leeds a city where people can succeed with their chosen projects.  THIS IS THE ONLY QUALIFICATION THAT YOU NEED.

Everyone is able to help someone.  Whether you have specialist knowledge and skills to offer, or just know people in the community you may hold the key to helping someone else make progress.  We are looking for members from all walks of life, any age, with or without specialist expertise to offer.

What’s Involved in Being an Elsie Member?

First of all you must be prepared to attend a 2 hour training session to prepare you to meet Elsie.

Then all we ask is that you commit to attend meetings whenever possible and support Elsie users as and when you like.  Meetings will be scheduled monthly and will last for 2 hours.

Why Do I Need to be Trained?

It is VITAL that Elsie offers a confidential, caring and competent service.  The training will ensure that you know exactly what to expect at your first meeting so that you can hit the ground running and know how to help people without breaching confidentiality.  Unless people can trust us, and know that we are  as a group confidential, caring and competent then they are unlikely to use our service.

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