Supporting Elsie

I am fed up with support only being available to those who can afford to pay. Or those who happen to live in the right postcode.  That is why Elsie will be free to use for everyone.

But that means I need support in both cash and kind to run the service.

Donating a Venue

If you have a venue that you are able to offer for meetings or trainings that would be great.  Just get in touch and we will sort something out.

Paying for a Meeting or a Training

To run a training session for up to a dozen advocates or members will cost in the region of £500.  If you are able to sponsor this in part or in full please do contact me.

The costs of meetings will depend a little on how many attend.  On some similar projects we have had well over 100 people come along!  But on average meetings will involve between a dozen and thirty members and each will hear 3 or 4 client stories.  To sponsor a meeting will cost in the region of £500 – £700.  Again, if you are able to help in part or in full please do get in touch.

Making a Contribution to Costs

While it will be free to use Elsie we will operate a ‘pay what you can but free is fine policy’.  Professional coaches and advisors in particular who choose to use the service will be invited to make a contribution to cover the costs of their training and running Elsie.

What Do I Get for Supporting Elsie?

You mean apart from that lovely warm glow of knowing that you are doing a good thing?

We will list you as a Supporter of Elsie if you like and do all we can to let people know how kind you have been….and if there is anything else we can do for you please just ask….

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