Using Elsie

So you like the idea of accessing a great network of Leeds advice, guidance and support to help progress your project.  But how do you do it?

Well, first of all you must have an advocate.  Someone who will tell your story to an Elsie meeting on your behalf, and explain just what help it is that you are looking for.  This advocate must have been trained so that they can make best use of the meeting.  An advocate can be a friend, a coach, adviser, accountant – almost anyone but YOU!

Once you have found a trained advocate you will work with them to specify exactly what help you require.  If the advocate believes that the LCE group can help then they will book a slot at the next available meeting and away we go.  They will get 30 minutes to work with the group to get you tons of suggestions, introductions, advice and guidance that they will bring back to you to consider and act upon as you see fit.

Why Can’t I Access Elsie Directly, Myself?

Good question.  With several answers!

Firstly in my experience you are seldom the best person to get full value from the group. You are t0o close to your project, too involved emotionally and personally to be able to really listen and take notice to what is being said.

Secondly, before any enterprise or project is put before the group we want to make sure that you have already talked the issue through and tried to make progress without Elsie.  We really want to save her for those complex challenges!

Thirdly, this allows you to remain anonymous should you so wish.

Fourthly, we don’t want to waste your time training you in how the Elsie meetings run and how to make the most of them.

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