Elsie – A New Resource for Coaches, Mentors and Advisers

The Leeds Community Enterprise Accelerator – Elsie – is a new tool for coaches, mentors and advisers working with enterprising people in and around the city.  Elsie is, in essence, a giant brain, with a huge heart and lots of soul that can be used to source ideas, introductions and other resources.

Elsie is a group of more than 90 people, and growing, from all walks of life who have come together to help enterprising people and projects in and around Leeds.  Once a month they meet to hear 4 advocates (what we call the coaches, advisers or mentors) each take about 5-7 minutes to tell them about an enterprising client that they are working with and their project, and the nature of the help that they are looking for.  We then spend the next 25 minutes or so creatively generating ideas, resources, introductions that may help, and carefully record them.  At the end of the session the advocate takes this note and talks it through with their client the next time they meet to agree what, if anything, might be worth pursuing.

As well as providing you with a list of resources that may help in working with your clients the panel also gives both you and them tremendous exposure across the city as panel members spread the word through their networks of the projects and people that they meet through Elsie.  But don’t worry, we have discussed the importance of confidentiality and while panel members will raise the profile as required they will not disclose any confidential information that you may share with us.

By working with Elsie to widen the search for new resources  we think you will add a lot of value to your work and develop your networks across the city.

If you are interested in working with Elsie, either as an advocate or as a panel member, then contact Elsie organiser Mike Chitty

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