Dom Burch

Dom BurchI am currently taking a six month career break from Asda where I am head of corporate communications and social media. I have a keen interest in helping communities become stronger by facilitating useful connections between like-minded people.

I volunteer one day a week for Bradford and District Senior Power and am in the process of writing a book on how to get the most out of your midlife (crisis? what crisis?). To help me on my way I am attempting to complete 37 different resolutions in my 37th year, one of which is to make more use of my skills and interests in a non work environment – hence joining Elsie. Another resolution is to meet Roland Rat in person, so make of that what you will.

I love being creative, so have recently dusted off my potters wheel, which has not seen a pot thrown for nearly twenty years. And I am planning to write my first play.

I believe in doing more of what you’re good at, trying new things, and not being afraid to look silly in front of others.

Everyone should try and find a job they love as they’ll never work another day in their life (a good line given to me by my Dad, who in turn stole it off Confucius).


1 thought on “Dom Burch

  1. Dear Dom,
    My name is Rachel Savin and I am a student at the University of Leeds. I am currently in my second year of History BA, and I was hoping that you or anyone else at Asda would be able to help with some research work I’m doing at the moment on Leeds as a civic city. One of our module directors, Tess Hornsby-Smith, recommended we get in contact with you- she isn’t sure that you’ll remember her but she said to say that she is the person from the University of Leeds with the long hair from the Elsie meeting in November!! With six fellow students, I’m looking at the development of Leeds from an industrial city to a commercial city and hope to track these changes by focusing on the development of industrial philanthropy, leading up to CSR. My main area of focus within the project is the CSR of businesses and companies within Leeds today, bringing our project up to the present and looking towards the future of the city.

    I have looked over the Corporate Responsibility pages on the Asda and Walmart websites, but I was wondering if there would be an opportunity to discuss this further with you or somebody else? Our focus is on CSR specific to Leeds, and we have become very aware of the various ways in which Asda is involved in the local community. The fact that you’ve been given a career break is already a very interesting element to our research!

    We are already working with various different organisations in Leeds such as Leeds Initiative, Exploring Leeds, Beyond Guardian Leeds and Leeds Ahead, and we feel that our project will benefit those who we work with just as much as they help us. We would be very grateful for any time you would have to help us with our project, and hope that we are able to offer Deloitte something in return! (you can find us on Twitter @civiccityleeds)

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