Duncan Boak

I’m a musician (the guitar and other machines) and have been involved with a number of different bands/projects over the last seven years, playing and writing on albums influenced by Bollywood, Flamenco and good old fashioned pop music, to give a few rather disparate reference points.  I’m currently in nine piece disco-influenced pop band DeLorean Drivers, stick the name into google and check us out.  Right, that’s the shameless piece of self-promotion out the way.
I currently work at Leeds Metropolitan University, as Business Development Officer within the Faculty of Business & Law.  I’ve worked within the Faculty for the past four years and have done a great deal of work supporting international students prior to starting my current role.
I’ve always been inspired by passionate, talented people, regardless of what it is they do. One of the reasons for me joining Elsie is the opportunity to use my creativity and ideas to help to develop and inspire others.
Interests – many and varied, music being the obvious one, but I love books, film, art, travel – oh, and I make a mean curry.

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