Emily Carlill

I’m Emily, originally from Teesside but have lived and worked in Leeds for about five years. During this time, I have worked at Leeds University Union, the students’ union for the University of Leeds. My job title is Web Development Coordinator which means I am responsible for the Union’s main website, associated mini sites and online communication via the Union’s social media platforms.

My biggest interest is crafts! Especially sewing. I spend most of my free time sewing and making things for people, and have taken a number of sewing-related courses in Leeds. I recently got married and made all the decorations for my wedding. Since then, I have started a little crafting business to make bunting and bespoke crafts for anyone who wants them. My second most favourite interest is Lindy Hop dancing – which is like swing dancing. I attend regular weekly classes in Leeds, socials and the occasional weekend dancing camps across the country.

I have a good awareness of the student community and higher education, as well as a knowledge of web-based and online communications. Obviously I also have my sewing skills but not sure how useful this will be unless someone wants their trousers hemming! 🙂

Recently, after our wedding was featured on a blog, I have been approached to exhibit my crafts at a wedding fair…which is pretty exciting!

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