Leicia Feare

I’m a marketing geek with a passion for Communications and PR. I’m also an organised Marketing Executive with extensive experience in planning and implementing marketing projects in a variety of sectors including music and law, and skilled in online and offline marketing and PR practices. I’m a competent, imaginitive press release writer and a confident, creative copy writer for web, advertisements and marketing literature. I have a proven ability to run DM campaigns, implement cross-selling initiatives and build brand. By day I am Legal Marketing Executive at Ford & Warren Solicitors.

Loves: Live music and festivals, reading a good book, oysters, swatting up with Marketing Magazine, planning holidays and sharing a bottle with friends. Hates: Typos in printed copy, misuse of the apostrophe, boring TV ads and raisins.

I have a passion for marketing, extensive professional services marketing experience and a creative mind.

I also help to run Leeds Curry Club, a networking lunch specifically for Property, Construction and Finance Professionals. We meet every 1st Wednesday of the month at 12-2pm at The Aagrah, St Peters Square, Leeds.

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