Richard Eaton

I have a strong technical background and have been in the software industry over 25 years having had my first software published when I was just 14 years old. I’ve run small software houses in the UK as well as working in EMEA and the USA. I have the rare combination of both technical and commercial skills so as well as being able to design concepts, architect systems, and project manage I can then take these developments to market. I now run Appware, a software development company based in Wetherby that provides Mobile Apps, Software Development, and Web Design solutions.

I am interested in Technology. Concept Development. Taking projects from the idea stage to reality. Marketing. Helping others help themselves. Learning new skills!

I recently needed a new business card so took the opportunity to do something a bit different to the typical “our logo and details on a white card”. I came up with the ideas of making the card look like a smartphone to help get across what we do (See it here ) which has caused a bit of a stir on social media. spotted this and were that impressed that they featured it in their newsletter that went out to 350,000 subscribers! This just shows the publicity you can get from something as simple as a business card.

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