Tess Hornsby Smith

I am the Education Enhancement Officer in the Faculty of Arts, University of Leeds. Essentially I run projects which aim to improve the “student experience”. I am starting a new project in Sept called “student-led change” which will empower a group of students who (with a budget) will develop exciting, innovative solutions to issues which concern their academic life. A huge amount of what I do is taken up with raising students’ awareness of employability – so what skills they already have and also what skills they lack and how to go about getting those skills. I also help out on a history module which is focuses on Leeds – one element is Leeds: A Civic City and the other is Race, Religion and Politics in Yorkshire. As a Leeds lass, I am really enjoying seeing all the amazing initiatives around the city to promote, develop and shape the future of the city.

I’m really interested in how we, as a Faculty, can genuinely integrate more into the city. For too long the University has kept itself isolated. It’s really important for our students to see what is outside LS6 and how they can learn from what is going on in the city, and possibly help out too. As I said above, I’m also really interested in the city of Leeds and how it keeps evolving. I’m new to Twitter – but I’m really excited about how it can be a tool for positive change. I’ve already found out so much about what’s going on in Leeds – and wouldn’t have heard about Elsie otherwise.

I am enthusiastic and a creative problem solver and like many at Elsie, I bring a good network of contacts. I think my greatest asset, however, are my students. I’ve got lots of really bright, engaged, enthusiastic students who are jumping at the bit to get involved with exciting community initiatives – so if people need extra research carrying out, interviews, translation etc then I’m your gal!

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