Tim Frenneaux

I’m a jobbing economic development professional, which is an obtuse way of saying I used to work for the Regional Development Agency until some chump abolished it and I went freelance.

I’m now the principal (only) consultant with 1zero9 Consulting. I’ve worked in the public sector my entire career, in a variety of roles, often managing partnerships, as well as establishing a new EU funding programme. Most recently I was developing a new form of integrated & sustainable economic development strategy. I’ve worked in and for local, regional and national government, so have a fair idea of how it works.

My partnership background means I also have a good understanding of the range of other public sector bodies, but more importantly, I’m used to bringing together disparate groups and helping them work alongside each other for mutual benefit. I’m a facilitator, advocate, communicator and all round oiler of wheels. Thats not to say I’m just a head in the public sector sand type. I routinely work alongside businesses and business representatives, not to mention my running own small events promotion company.

However I’m not content to merely promote events, I perform at them too. By night I’m a multimedia artist. I make audiovisual mixes using streaming online video, alongside a variety of other digital art involving projections.

A Yorkshireman born & bred, I’ve lived in Leeds for the past 8 years. I’m not a big sports fan which is just as well, as being a Dad and Taekwondo student/instructor leaves me with no spare time to speak of. So that’s me, a Jack of all Trades. I’m gaudily plastered all over the web. You can find me tweeting about the day job as @tim1zero9 whilst night job chatter spews from @timineaux. You’ll find more detail on my consultancy services at www.1zero9.wordpress.com I also haunt the usual range of social networking sites, I even still have a Myspace!


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