Trisha Bowden

I work mainly with tenants and the wider community for Leeds Federated Housing Association (Leeds Fed), through personal development and project work in a community development team. I also run workshops for people interested in goals and aspirations which will be available to tenants after Sept 2011. The workshops are geared to help people develop their confidence and capability skills so that they can become more successful in their career and social life. Coming from a supported housing background, I have worked closely with the general public, in most situations and I thoroughly enjoy the work I have being involved with in the past and present. Working on the Community developement team enables me to offer my skills to a broader audience which is one of my objectives in life. I’m passionate about motivating people to new objectives set by them selves and ELSIE will help me to advocate on behalf of the people that I work with.

I enjoy reading, writing and walking.

I have good interpersonal skills. I can offer homelessness/housing advice, Benefits and Drugs advice.

I am currently writing a self help book. An A-Z on emotions and life situations. My goal is to publish this and set up a charity to help homeless people that are unable to get onto the social housing register. If this takes off I would like to open a rehab and two organic fairtrade supermarkets. I would like the rehab to run from the profit of the supermarkets. The rehab will put people through an intense programme including a self awareness, positive thinking course which will hopefully turn people’s lives around so that they are prepared for the world that they can fall in love with. These are big dreams. All dreams start with a single thought! Wish me luck….

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