Growing Elsie

Following up Mike’s ideas, a group of volunteers met recently to discuss how to make Elsie sustainable and successful long-term. A note of this meeting including further detail on the proposals below is here: Elsie Futures meeting_Jan12

The group wanted to progress a number of areas, and we’ve broadly grouped these as:

  • Coordination and strategy –  e.g. clarity of purpose, managing resources, coordinating the other aspects below
  • Elsie working methods – e.g. guidelines for members and advocates, process at panel meetings, feedback and follow-up support options
  • Meetings admin and communication – e.g. securing venues, scheduling meetings, getting panel members and advocates, issuing Eventbrite (and other?) notifications
  • Marketing and PR – e.g. Brand, strap line, PR and generally raising awareness of how Elsie can help
  • Web site – e.g. Setting up a new web site for Elsie (not linked to Mike’s WordPress account)
  • Partnership development and service enhancements  – e.g. Identifying key stakeholders, developing partner relationships, referrals to and from other organisations

Elsie has no funding so all this has to be voluntary, at least for the moment. If you’d like to help, please contact either Mike Chitty or Andy Bagley indicating where your interest/expertise lies.  NB we are deeply appreciative of those who have already taken on some of these jobs, especially Diane who does so much event management and Sharon who has ably taken up the member training baton!  We trust that they will both be willing to keep up their efforts!

We’d also like member’s views on whether Elsie should remain an informal network or should become a formally constituted organisation of some kind (e.g. Community Interest Company). Please let Mike or Andy have your views, or comment below.

Thanks to everyone who has been or will be involved in developing Elsie – we look forward to hearing from you.

1 thought on “Growing Elsie

  1. More than happy to continue helping out, whilst I have time on my hands with the event management…..I think I’ve got into the swing of it now…despite a few hiccups along the way.

    Torn with the debate we had at the meeting regards becoming a formally constituted body. I can see the sense and the further opportunities it can bring in terms of funding etc…..yet a do like the informal network……can’t we combine the two????

    P.S. I will help in any other way I can.

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