Panel Meetings

How do they work?

Elsie panel meetings usually occur on a monthly basis. Venues and times are varied to ensure we reach a diverse group of our community members

At meetings, client projects are presented to a diverse panel of local  members. On joining Elsie, all new members attend Elsie Training ensuring that everyone knows exactly what to expect at their first meeting and can immediately contribute their thoughts and ideas.

Projects are presented to our panel by  Elsie Advocates.  An advocate can be anyone who is already supporting your enterprise; a friend, business partner, relative, even a paid advisor or coach. We can also help any client who doesn’t have someone to serve as their Advocate to match up with an Elsie member who can represent them.

Before each meeting, Advocates work with the person or organisation they’re representing to specify exactly what help is required from the panel. Then they get 30 minutes to work with the Elsie panel to help the client gain suggestions, introductions, advice and guidance that they will bring back to the client to consider and act upon as they see fit.

The client isn’t present in the room when their project is discussed which enables panel members to speak freely and offer honest advice. It also enables the client to remain anonymous if they wish. Each case is judged on its own merit and only positive useful guidance is provided. 

Dates of next Panel meetings

The next panel meeting will take place in December 2013

The next panel meeting will take place in January 2014

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