Our First Piece of Feedback from an Elsie Client

Really brilliant to meet with you on Tuesday and have a good natter about Upholstery! Thank you for giving me that time! I have put together a little paragraph on how you have helped me out over the past year and how the Elsie group has been a great help too!

My first coffee meeting with Mike Chitty clarified that I needed to get on a plane and do some exploring (which I have been pursuing, Biking around France, a trip to the Middle East and an excursion to India in the pipeline later this year) which has has re instilled some inspiration into my business, So thanks Mike! That was the start!

Recently Mike asked if he could put me up on in front of his Elsie group to see whether they could help with some ideas for business development and expansion. We arranged for one of my miniature sofas and a couple of cushions to be available for the Panel to look at, and recently I met Mike for a coffee, to see what ideas they had produced.

Mike presented me with an A4 sheet of paper scribbled with so many ideas from the group that was really helpful!

Great creative marketing ideas and some excellent ideas on how I can push my work forward. I like the fact that I wasn’t there which allowed the group tobe totally honest and get straight to the point.

Some of these ideas on the A4 sheet will be helpful, some invaluble and inspiring and most of all have given me a tremendous boost to try some new ideas suggested by people who have never met me!

So MASSSIVE thanks!!!