Elsie Advocates bring client stories to the meetings in order to seek advice, support, introductions and guidance on their behalf.  An advocate can be anyone who is already offering help and support to others in the community.  They may be a friend or relative.  They maybe a paid advisor or coach.

Once booked in to a meeting you will have up to 30 minutes to tell your clients story and seek tailored advice and support from Elsie members.  You will be given a written record of the conversation, including contact details where relevant that you can take back to your client and discuss and action as appropriate.

What is expected of an Advocate?

You must be trained in the Elsie process.  Training is free and takes just a couple of hours.

Before bringing a client story to Elsie we expect that you have talked with the client already about the project and are reasonably sure that they need access to Elsie to make further progress.  You must have your client’s explicit permission to bring their story to Elsie.

No specialist skills or experience are required to be an Elsie advocate.  You maybe a professional coach or advisor looking to provide additional support to your clients, or you may just be a friend trying to lend a hand.  Either way we will do our best to make the process a helpful and friendly experience for you.  It can be a daunting to stand in front of a group of people and ask them to help but we will make it as much fun as we can!

There will be no charge to use Elsie on behalf of your clients although if you can afford to make a donation to wards costs we would be very grateful.

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