We are Logistik. We’re an integrated design and communications agency based in Armley, Leeds.

We provide inspirational and engaging live communication events for some of the biggest businesses in the corporate world. We provide design, branding and web services to both public and private sector clients and we pride ourselves on building lasting partnerships with our clients, taking the time to understand our clients, their market, their culture, and the challenges they face.

We’re also committed to creating a positive and sustainable legacy, by taking an active role in our community and by managing and reducing our environmental impacts. In 2011 our efforts were recognised with a Business in the Community Big Tick award for Small Business of the Year, and we were also shortlisted for a national Award for Excellence in this category. We’re proud to be supporting Elsie and working with others from our local area to promote enterprise and sustainability in Leeds.

Elsie says: I love the people at Logistik! They welcomed us into their boardroom to train 30 of our members and provided wonderful cake and coffee based hospitality!  Sharon has also been a wonderful advocate for Elsie and Serena is an organiser extraordinaire!  Logisitik have also helped 2 of their employees to support Elsie by giving them time to get trained and attend meetings.  Thanks Dirk and the team!

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