Andy Bolton

Leeds Community Enterprise Accelerator member Andy Bolton of Kokino MarvoAndy has over twenty years experience in Analytics and Modelling, fifteen of which are across a range of vertical markets, prior to which he was an academic and research scientist.
Andy cut his business-teeth in Retail Marketing, Customer Insight and Risk Management responsible for a broad range of clients, from high-street fashion to the motor trade, and has worked in above-the-line and below-the-line advertising in a Marketing Agency, CRM in large blue-chips, and Risk Management in Mail-Order, e-Commerce, Banking and Financial Services. Latterly he worked on several large business transformation and organisational design programmes.
Drawing all these strands together Andy set-up kokino-marvo in 2010. kokino is a boutique Analytics Services and Outsourcing provider based in Leeds. kokino has adopted the familiar agency model more associated with marketing and design services and applied that to data analytics and decision science, delivering Blue-Chip quality Analytics and Modelling to a broad range of clients.
Now in its third year Andy has plans to grow kokino and continue to carve-out this new niche, and plans to grow the outsourcing solution for the Leeds SME market in 2012.

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